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SeeingArt San Antonio Tours

P.O. Box 831522, San Antonio, TX 78283-1522

(210) 886-9936    Visit Website


SeeingArtSanAntonio Tours - Visit art studios and galleries in San Antonio's nationally recognized contemporary art community. Our tours are a series of studio visits where participants meet and talk with the artists about their work, their creative processes and what influences and inspires their art-making. Informative, insightful, and inspirational. A SeeingArtSanAntonio tour is time well spent. These exclusive and informative tours have gained popularity with residents and visitors from all over the world regardless of their knowledge of art. Expertly led by respected local artist, Donna Simon, these programs provide an intimate and private visit at galleries and at artists' studios.  Private tours are also available. For more information, please go to or call 210-886-9936.