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'San Antonio Stories' Film Series

Discover the vitality and vision of these expressive San Antonians whose artistry manifests itself in very different ways. Local bands provided all soundtracks.

Dancing about Architecture

Siboney Diaz-Sanchez has recently returned to her hometown of San Antonio for her dream job after graduating from Cornell University. As an associate architect at Poteet Architects, she is working on the Hemisfair Park Redevelopment Project, striving to create a dynamic live/work space in the heart of downtown.

Mapache Man

Performance artist Jimmy Canales participates in San Antonio’s annual arts event, Luminaria. Dressed in a sculptural costume made out of souvenir coonskin caps, Mapache Man (translated as “Raccoon Man”) interacts with the crowd and makes a barefoot pilgrimage to the Alamo, meeting the Mayor of San Antonio along the way.

Pushing Miles

Joe Moreno, AKA “Joe Love,” restores and rebuilds old bikes in his backyard garage. Fixies. Single Speeds. Cruisers. BMX. It is a hobby that has grown into a small business. An active part of San Antonio’s growing bicycle community, Moreno participates in the monthly FrankenBike swap meets.

Jung-Hee Mun

Korean born Jung-Hee Mun moved to San Antonio with her family at age 19. She had never heard of the place and had to look it up on the map. After enrolling at San Antonio College, she developed her art skills and began thinking more conceptually. Now a graduate of UTSA, she works at the Southwest School of Art and has already had three solo shows in town. Jung-Hee also writes a blog about food, “Asian who doesn't eat rice everyday.”

Transit Presents…

Gabriela Santiago, 25, moved to San Antonio because of the supportive arts community and lives in a warehouse space with two of her artist friends. Not ready to go to grad school for their MFAs but still wanting to build a body of work, they realized there was a need for a space for other young artists in transition from undergrad to the professional art world. Enlisting other artists as volunteers, they built out their warehouse to include an office, studio and an additional living space and created Transit, a residency program for young artists.

The Photographer

Drummer Josh Huskin started taking band photos for his friends for $25 a session. His hobby quickly turned into a profession where he melds his love of music with photography. Now his pictures often grace the cover of the San Antonio Current, San Antonio Magazine and Backbeat Magazine.

The Pushcart Derby

The Dignowity Hill Pushcart Derby began as a conceptual art project by Cruz Ortiz in 2004. A resident of San Antonio’s east side, Ortiz wanted to create an event that brought artists into the neighborhood. Prizes are awarded for speed and style. The event has as many entries from neighborhood residents as artists.