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Papa Jim's Botanica

5630 S. Flores, San Antonio, TX 78214

(210) 922-6665    Visit Website


 In 1979, Papa Jim, was a famous card reader, healer, root doctor, and a great spiritual advisor couldnt get the products that the spirits told him to give to his customers so they could do their jobs. So, Papa Jim decided to open a retail store and catalog company to furnish the world with the mystic products they needed. History will tell of the greatness of the person known as Papa Jim. People will talk about the secrets of his mystic powers. A very humble man from a struggling back ground and very street smart. A scholar in the old religions. Papa Jim's is the only practicing Voodoo man at the head of a major corporation and a great teacher that shows his employees the wonder of the occult to give the best advise to those who deal with mystic products and for the occult practitioner.