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Fork in the River

317 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205

(888) 368-6874    Visit Website


Riverwalk Food Tour (Fork in the River)

Can a single tour excite your taste buds, stimulate your mind, and delight you visually?


"Fork in the River"

Finally, a Riverwalk food tour, the ONLY in San Antonio and it delivers just such an unparalleled tour experience by combining 4 unmistakable San Antonio cultural influences into one most engaging tour.

First, you'll be sampling not any, but some of the Riverwalk's finest CUISINE (see below) that will be sure to leave you hankering to return. And, you'll get a bit of a culinary education; only possible via a food tour of this nature.

Thereby, you'll be enjoying a 2nd benefit, a built-in tour of the iconic RIVERWALK, a must see for everyone. However, you'll not only experience its well known bend but admire its more tranquil and beautiful spots which few find.

Then, add to the  recipe our unique treatment of San Antonio's fabled HISTORY which our guides are renowned for, to include the Alamo. As an added twist, the history of the various cultures presented will often be tied in with the food they inspired.

But, there's more, we'll include in this "misto" some surprising highlights of the city's ARCHITECTURE, a further enhancement to the city's character and your tours as well.